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inline rollerblading

Rollerblade Twister 80mm, Atom wheels 85A


Nobody knows exactly what he's capable of until he tries! I want to challenge myself.


10km daily at inline skates, why not?
My actual best time is 24m 26s.

It's time to introduce myself
Who am I?

Hi guys, I'm Michal from Slovakia.

Yes, I'm in early thirties. I like sports, technologies, awesome people with positive vibes and high energy, traveling, a wide range of music, good drinks and foods. To sum up, all kind of good things.

But more than things, I love the experiences and relationships with great people. Going somewhere, explore the life and possibilities.

If I could choose, and I know I can..
"I want to be happy."

What's my story?

I think quite interesting. My life swings up and down. I seen the bottom for a few times, and now I'm ready for the top.

The sport, mainly soccer leave a big mark in my life. I played it for more than 15 years. Am I still playing? No, few years ago I took a break.

Now I'm enjoying freedom everytime I put on rollerblades. I'm also the coach of inline skating in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

Most of the time I'm ridding the streets of cities on rollerblades, doing work through internet, or going for a walk with my dog, exploring places and spending time in nature.

What I want to achieve?

Big things without limitations. Nobody knows what man are capable of doing.

Now I'm working with people around the idea of connecting people through sport. Our goal is to connect people and also help them build relationships, no matter what age, gender, or race they are. With technology.

World is good, a fantastic place to live in. It gives you exactly what you sow, if you focus on the good things, it will bring them to you. However, if you think and act negatively, so you will receive more negativity.

Think and act positively, the world and others deserve it. When you do good things, you'll get the positivity in return.

And please, don't forget for this:
"Never ever give up!"

Michal Valašik - founder of sportujvmeste.sk
Founder of sport social network
Contact me at Linkedin

Inspired and motivated by
Steve Jobs, Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robin Sharma, Greg Mirzoyan, Peter Sagan, Lewis Howes, Patrick Bet David, Brian Tracy, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard, Ramit Sethi, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jack Ma, Marian Jelínek, Jan Mühlfeit, Simon Sinek...